Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rocket Stoves and Rocket Stove Mass Heaters

 A rocket stove is a very efficient wood burning stove. The design causes the fuel to be burned more completely than a typical wood stove such that they are virtually smokeless once they are warmed up. There are many ways to design a rocket stove or rocket stove mass heater. In the following configuration, it is primarily being used as a heater for an room, and specifically, a bench. However, the top of the barrel can be used for heating or cooking food.

All photos captured from Paul Wheaton's rocket stove mass heater workshop how to tutorial video.

Rocket Stove Mass Heater core.
Fuel intake on left, opening for heat riser on left.
Improved heat riser: vermiculite and clay infill.
Heat riser in place.
Steel barrel being placed into position.
Here are more links to simpler stoves. I'll add screen captures and descriptions later!

good explanation of the theory and design.
Small rocket stove

other stoves

Brick stove

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